2020, animated film

13 minutes


Director: Veneta Androva

Music: Nadia D’Aló & Benedikt Frey

Voice: Vivienne Pettitt

Supported by Bulgarian Fund for Women


Meet AIVA – the female humanoid artist. She is in her mid-thirties, young and beautiful. But not only that, she is also unbelievably creative. This female AI artist, who was designed by a cis-male engineering team, has the task of contributing more diversity to the art world and to offer a female perspective.

AIVA is studying the male nude, preparing preliminary sketches for her next masterpiece. Exploring different postures in male nude painting, she is examining masculinity in its diverse forms and shapes.

Installation photograph of AIVA being screened at the exhibition 'Everything is just fine (with us)' at Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), Sofia (2020).
About AIVA
Director's Short Cut:
The film hast been screened and exhibited at the following:

2021 Hungry Eyes Festival, Gießen (DE)

2020 DOK Leipzig, German Competition Short Film (DE)

2020 Everything Is Just Fine (With Us), Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) Sofia (BG)