Art Me Harder

2019, animated film 

3 minutes

Director: Veneta Androva

Music: Daniel Windisch

Voices: Veneta Androva, Daniel Windisch

In ART ME HARDER the neoliberal world seems to have ended.
The video shows a human figure in front of an endless horizon, which is in a starting position and remains in it. The camera communicates tactilely with the figure. A seductive voice-over manipulates the character into complete devotion, unwillingness and insatiable desire.
The work focuses on the opaque mechanisms of the art market. Blooming in the middle of a postneoliberal society, it is becoming more and more attractive for investors due to the guaranteed anonymity and lack of transparency. And art as a currency turns out to be so promising. 

What a perfect place to start, my love.


The film hast been exhibited at the following:

2019 ArtStart 2019, Tomorrow never dies, Goethe-Institute & Credo Bonum Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria